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A23: Selected publications

  • Hermann A, Loewenbrück KF, Boldt Ä, Fiedler C, Maisel M, Kalucka J, Schwarze J, Breier G, and Storch A (2013): Lack of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2/Flk1 signaling does not affect substantia nigra development. Neuroscience Letters 553, 142-147.
  • Chung KF, Sicard F, Vukicevic V, Hermann A, Storch A, Huttner WB, Bornstein SR, Ehrhart-Bornstein M, 2009, Isolation of neural crest derived chromaffin progenitors from adult adrenal medulla, Stem Cells, 27, 2602-13.
  • Freudenberg U, Hermann A, Welzel PB, Stirl K, Schwarz SC, Grimmer M, Zieris A, Panyanuwat W, Zschoche S, Meinhold D, Storch A, Werner C, 2009, A starPEG-heparin hydrogel platform for cell replacement therapies of neurodegenerative diseases, Biomaterials, 30, 5049-60. Epub 2009 Jun 27.
  • Milosevic J, Schwarz SC, Ogunlade V, Meyer AK, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2009, Emerging role of LRRK2 in human neural progenitor cell cycle progression, survival and differentiation, Mol. Neurodegen., Jun 15, 4-25.
  • Sabolek M, Baumann B, Heinrich M, Meyer AK, Herborg A, Liebau S, Maisel M, Hermann A, Ventz K, Schwarz J, Wirth T, Storch A, 2009, Initiation of dopaminergic differentiation of Nurr1(-) mesencephalic precursor cells depends on activation of multiple mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways, Stem Cells, 27, 2009-21.
  • Milosevic J, Adler I, Manaenko A, Schwarz SC, Walkinshaw G, Arend M, Flippin LA, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2009, Non-hypoxic stabilization of hypoxia-inducible factor alpha (HIF-alpha): Relevance in neural progenitor/stem cells, Neurotox. Res. 15(4): 367-380.
  • Hermann A, Suess C, Fauser M, Kanzler S, Witt M, Fabel K, Schwarz J, Höglinger GU, Storch A, 2009, Rostro-caudal gradual loss of cellular diversity within the periventricular regions of the ventricular system, Stem Cells 27(4): 928-941.
  • Dieterlen MT, Wegner F, Schwarz SC, Milosevic J, Schneider B, Buscha M, Römuß U, Brandt A, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2009, Non-viral gene transfer by nucleofection allows stable gene expression in human neural progenitor cells, J. Neurosci. Meth. 178: 15–23.
  • Sabolek M, Mieskes I, Lenk T, Lehmensiek V, Hermann A, Schwarz J, Storch A, 2008, Stage-dependent vulnerability of fetal mesencephalic neuroprogenitors towards dopaminergic neurotoxins, Neurotoxicology 29: 714-721.
  • Weber YG$, Storch A$, Wuttke T$, Brockmann K, Kempfle J, Maljevic S, Margari L, Kamm C, Schneider SA, Huber SM, Pekrun A, Roebling R, Seebohm G, Koka S, Lang C, Kraft E, Blazevic D, Salvo-Vargas A, Fauler M, Mottaghy F, Münchau A, Edwards MJ, Presicci A, Margari F, Gasser T, Lang F, Bhatia KP, Lehmann-Horn F, Lerche H, 2008, GLUT1 mutations are a cause of paroxysmal exertion-induced dyskinesias and induce hemolytic anemia by a cation leak, J. Clin. Invest. 118(6): 2157-2168.       $ contributed equally to this study
  • Hermann A, Storch A, 2008, Endogenous regeneration in Parkinson's disease: Do we need orthotopic dopaminergic neurogenesis?, Stem Cells 26(11): 2749-52.
  • Milosevic J, Schwarz SC, Maisel, M, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2007, Dopamine D3 receptor stimulation failed to promote dopaminergic neurogenesis of murine and human midbrain derived neural precursor cells in vitro, Stem Cells Dev. 16: 625-635.
  • Liebau S, Vaida B, Storch A, Boeckers TM, 2007, Maturation of synaptic contacts in differentiating neural stem cells, Stem Cells 25(7): 1720-1729.
  • Liebau S, Vaida B, Grissmer S, Storch A, Böckers T, Dietl P, Wittekindt OH, 2007, Formation of cellular projections in neural progenitor cells depends on SK3 channel activity , J. Neurochem. 101(5): 138-150.
  • Maisel M, Herr A, Milosevic J, Hermann A, Habisch H-J, Schwarz S, Kirsch M, Antoniadis G, Brenner R, Hallmeyer-Elgner S, Lerche H, Schwarz J, Storch A, 2007, Transcription profiling of adult and fetal human neuroprogenitors identifies divergent paths to maintain the neuroprogenitor cell state, Stem Cells 25(5): 1231-1240.
  • Milosevic J, Maisel M, Wegner F, Leuchtenberger J, Wenger RH, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2007, Lack of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α impairs midbrain neural precursor cells involving vascular endothelial growth factor signalling, J. Neurosci. 27(2): 412-421.
  • Milosevic J, Brandt A, Roemuss U, Rubini P, Wegner F, Schwarz S, Storch A, Illes P, Zimmermann H, Schwarz J, 2006, Uracil nucleotides stimulate human neural precursor cell proliferation and dopaminergic differentiation: Involvement of MEK-ERK signalling, J. Neurochem. 99(3): 913-23.
  • Liebau S, Böckers TM, Lehmann-Horn F, Storch A, Grissmer S, Wittekindt OH, 2006, Selective blockage of Kv1.3 and Kv3.1 channels increases neural progenitor cell proliferation, J. Neurochem. 99(2): 426-37.
  • Sabolek M, Herborg, A, Schwarz J, Storch A, 2006, Dexamethasone blocks astroglial differentiation from neural precursor cells, NeuroReport 17(16): 1719-1723.
  • Hermann A, Maisel M, Liebau S, Gerlach M, Kleger A, Schwarz J, Kim K-S, Antoniadis G, Lerche H, Storch A, 2006, Mesodermal cell types induce neurogenesis from adult human hippocampal progenitor cells, J. Neurochem. 98: 629-640.
  • Schwarz SC, Wittlinger J, Wegner F, Milosevic J, Schober R, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2006, Transplantation of human neural precursor cells in the 6-OHDA lesioned rats: Effect of immunosuppression with cyclosporine A, Parkinsonism Rel. Disord. 12(5): 302-308.
  • Milosevic J, Juch F, Storch A, Schwarz J, 2006, Low extracellular calcium is sufficient for survival and proliferation of murine mesencephalic neural precursor cells, Cell Tis. Res. 324: 377-384.
  • Hermann A, Maisel M, Wegner F, Liebau S, Kim D-W, Gerlach M, Schwarz J, Kim K-S, Storch A, 2006, Multipotent neural stem cells from the adult tegmentum with dopaminergic potential develop essential properties of functional neurons, Stem Cells 24: 949-964.
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