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B1: Selected publications

  • Rostovskaya M, Fu J, Obst M, Baer I, Weidlich S, Wang H, Smith AJ, Anastassiadis K *, Stewart AF (2012): Transposon-mediated BAC transgenesis in human ES cells. Nucleic Acids Res 40, e150 (* co-corresponding author)

  • Rostovskaya M, Anastassiadis K  (2012): Differential expression of surface markers in mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stromal progenitors with distinct differentiation potential. PLoS One 7(12), e51221.

  • Kranz A, Fu J, Duerschke K, Weidlich S, Naumann R, Stewart AF, Anastassiadis K  (2010): An improved Flp deleter mouse in C57Bl/6 based on Flpo recombinase. Genesis 48, 512-20.

  • Anastassiadis K  Fu J, Patsch C, Hu S, Weidlich S, Duerschke K, Buchholz, F, Edenhofer F, Stewart AF (2009): Dre recombinase, like Cre, is a highly efficient site-specific recombinase in E. coli, mammalian cells and mice. Dis Model Mech 2, 508-15.

  • Anastassiadis K , Rostovskaya M, Lubitz S, Weidlich S, Stewart AF (2010): Precise conditional immortalization of mouse cells using tetracycline-regulated SV40 large T-antigen. Genesis 48, 220-32.

  • Cambridge SB, Geissler D, Calegari F, Anastassiadis K , Hasan MT, Stewart AF, Huttner WB, Hagen V, Bonhoeffer T (2009): Doxycycline-dependent photoactivated gene expression in eukaryotic systems. Nat Methods 6, 527-31.

  • Ding L, Paszkowski-Rogacz M, Nitzsche A, Slabicki MM, Heninger AK, De Vries I, Kittler R, Junqueira M, Shevchenko A, Schulz H, Hubner N, Doss MX, Sachinidis A, Hescheler J, Iacone R, Anastassiadis K , Stewart AF, Pisabarro MT, Caldarelli A, Poser I, Theis M, Buchholz F (2009): A genome-scale RNAi screen for Oct4 modulators defines a role of the Paf1 complex for embryonic stem cell identity. Cell Stem Cell 4, 403-15..

  • Knopf F 1, Schnabel K 1, Haase C, Pfeifer K, Anastassiadis K, Weidinger G (2010): Dually inducible TetON systems for tissue-specific conditional gene expression in zebrafish. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.107, 19933-8. 1 These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Anastassiadis K, Rostovskaya M, Lubitz S, Weidlich S, Stewart AF (2010): Precise conditional immortalization of mouse cells using tetracycline-regulated SV40 large T-antigen. Genesis 48, 220-32.
  • Schulz H, Kolde R, Adler P, Aksoy I, Anastassiadis K, Bader M, Billon N, Boeuf H, Bourillot PY, Buchholz F, Dani C, Doss MX, Forrester L, Gitton M, Henrique D, Hescheler J, Himmelbauer H, Hübner N, Karantzali E, Kretsovali A, Lubitz S, Pradier L, Rai M, Reimand J, Rolletschek A, Sachinidis A, Savatier P, Stewart F, Storm MP, Trouillas M, Vilo J, Welham MJ, Winkler J, Wobus AM, Hatzopoulos AK; Functional Genomics in Embryonic Stem Cells Consortium (2009): The FunGenES database: a genomics resource for mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation. PLoS One 4, e6804.
  • Lubitz S, Glaser S, Schaft J, Stewart AF, Anastassiadis K (2007): Increased apoptosis and skewed differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells lacking the histone methyltransferase Mll2. Mol Biol Cell. 18, 2356-2366.
  • Schnütgen F, Stewart AF, von Melchner H, Anastassiadis K (2006): Engineering ES cells with recombinase systems. Methods in Enzymology 420, 100-36.
  • Glaser S, Schaft J, Lubitz S, Vintersten K, van der Hoeven F, Tufteland KR, Aasland R, Anastassiadis K, Ang S-L, Stewart AF (2006): Multiple epigenetic maintenance factors implicated by the loss of Mll2 in mouse development. Development 133, 1423-1432.
  • Glaser S, Anastassiadis K, Stewart AF (2005): Current issues in mouse genome engineering. Nat Genet. 37, 1187-1193.
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