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B4: Selected publications

  • Ocaña-Morgner C, Reichardt P, Chopin M, Braungart S, Wahren C, Gunzer M, Jessberger R  (2011): Sphingosine 1-Phosphate-Induced Motility and Endocytosis of Dendritic Cells Is Regulated by SWAP-70 through RhoA. J Immunol 186, 5345-5455.
  • Pearce G, Audzevich T, Jessberger R (2011): SYK regulates B-cell migration by phosphorylation of the F-actin interacting protein SWAP-70. Blood 117, 1574-84.
  • Chopin M, Quemeneur L, Ripich T, Jessberger R (2010): SWAP-70 controls formation of the splenic marginal zone through regulating T1B-cell differentiation. Eur J Immunol 40, 3544-56.
  • Quemeneur L, Angeli V, Chopin M, and Jessberger R (2008): SWAP-70 deficiency causes high-affinity plasma cell generation despite impaired germinal center formation. Blood 111, 2714-2724.
  • Sivalenka RR, Sinha M, and Jessberger R (2008): SWAP-70 regulates mast cell FcRI-mediated signaling and anaphylaxis. Europ. J Immunol. 38, 841-854.
  • Ocana-Morgner C, Wahren C, Jessberger R  (2009): SWAP-70 regulates RhoA/RhoB-dependent MHCII surface localization in dendritic cells. Blood 113, 1474-1482.
  • Pearce G, Angeli V, Randolph G. J, Junt T, von Andrian U, Schnittler H J, and Jessberger R (2006): Signaling protein SWAP-70 is required for efficient B cell homing to lymphoid organs. Nature Immunology 7, 827-834.
  • Angeli V, Ginhoux F, Llodrà J, Quemeneur L, Frenette PS, Skobe M, Jessberger R, Merad M, Randolph GJ (2006): B cell-driven lymphangiogenesis in inflamed lymph nodes enhances dendritic cell mobilization. Immunity, 24, 203-215.
  • Ochando JC, Homma C, Yang Y, Hidalgo A, Garin A, Tacke F, Angeli V, Li Y, Boros P, Ding Y, Jessberger R, Trinchieri G, Lira SA, Randolph GJ, Bromberg JS (2006): Alloantigen-presenting plasmacytoid dendritic cells mediate tolerance to vascularized grafts. Nature Immunology, 7, 652-662.


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