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  • Franziska Knopf, Christina Hammond, Avinash Chekuru, Thomas Kurth, Stefan Hans, Christopher W. Weber, Gina Mahatma, Shannon Fisher, Michael Brand, Stefan Schulte-Merker and Gilbert Weidinger (2011): Bone Regenerates via Dedifferentiation of Osteoblasts in the Zebrafish Fin. Dev Cell. 20, 713-24.

  • Kristin Schnabel1, Chi-Chung Wu1, Thomas Kurth, and Gilbert Weidinger (2011): Regeneration of cryoinjury induced necrotic heart lesions in zebrafish is associated with epicardial activation and cardiomyocyte proliferation. PLoS One. 6(4):e18503.
    1 Contributed equally.

  • Franziska Knopf1, Kristin Schnabel1, Christa Haase, Katja Pfeifer, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Gilbert Weidinger (2010): Dually inducible TetON systems for tissue-specific conditional gene expression in zebrafish. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.107, 19933-8.

    1 These authors contributed equally to this work.

  • Petros Nemtsas, Erich Wettwer, Torsten Christ, Gilbert Weidinger* and Ursula Ravens* (2010). Adult zebrafish heart as a model for human heart? An electrophysiological study. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 48, 161-71. Epub 2009 Sep 8.

    * corresponding authors and equal contribution

  • Yoonsung Lee, Danyal Hami, Sarah De Val, Birgit Kagermeier-Schenk, Airon A. Wills, Brian L. Black, Gilbert Weidinger and Kenneth D. Poss (2009). Maintenance of blastemal proliferation by functionally diverse epidermis in regenerating zebrafish fins. Dev. Biol. 331, 270-80.

  • Wolfram Goessling, Trista E. North, Sabine Loewer, Allegra M. Lord, Sang Lee, Cristi L. Stoick-Cooper, Gilbert Weidinger, Mark Puder, George Q. Daley, Randall T. Moon and Leonard I. Zon (2009). Genetic Interaction of PGE2 and Wnt Signaling Regulates Developmental Specification of Stem Cells and Regeneration. Cell 136, 1136-47.

  • Jon P. Lyons, Rachel K. Miller, Xiaolan Zhou, Gilbert Weidinger, Tom Deroo, Tinneke Denayer, Jae-Il Park, Hong Ji, Ji Yeon Hong, Annette Li, Randall T. Moon, Elizabeth A. Jones, Kris Vleminckx, Peter D. Vize, Pierre D. McCrea (2008). Requirement of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in pronephric kidney development. Mech. Dev. 126, 142-59.

  • Krasimir Slanchev, Juerg Stebler, Mehdi Goudarzi, Vlad Cojocaru, Gilbert Weidinger, Erez Raz (2008). Control of Dead end localization and activity - Implications for the function of the protein in antagonizing miRNA function. Mech Dev. 126, 270-7.

  • Wolfram Goessling, Trista E. North, Allegra M. Lord, Craig Ceol, Sang Lee, Gilbert Weidinger, Caitlin Bourque, Robbert Strijbosch, Anna-Pavlina Haramis, Mark Puder, Hans Clevers, Randall T. Moon and Leonard I. Zon (2008). APC mutant zebrafish uncover a changing temporal requirement for Wnt signaling in liver development. Dev Biol 320, 161-74.

  • Karen A. McFarland, Jolanta M. Topczewska, Gilbert Weidinger, Richard I. Dorsky and Bruce Appel (2008). Hh and Wnt signaling regulate formation of olig2+ neurons in the zebrafish cerebellum. Dev Biol 318, 162-171.

  • Elly M. Tanaka and Gilbert Weidinger (2008). Micromanaging regeneration. Genes & Dev 22, 700-705.

  • Elly M. Tanaka and Gilbert Weidinger (2008). Heads or Tails—Can Wnt tell which one is up? Nat Cell Biol 10, 122-124.

  • Jennifer Bonner, Suzanna L Gribble, Eric S Veien, Oliver B Nikolaus, Gilbert Weidinger and Richard I Dorsky (2008). Proliferation and patterning are mediated independently in the dorsal spinal cord downstream of canonical Wnt signaling. Dev. Biol, 313, 398-407.

  • Gilbert Weidinger: Regeneration researcher”. Interviewed by Ruth Williams. J. Cell Biol. (2007) 179: 1088-1089.

  • Yukio Nakamura, Gilbert Weidinger, Jennifer O. Liang, Allisan Aquilina-Beck, Keiko Tamai, Randall T. Moon, and Matthew L. Warman (2007). Modulation of Wnt and BMP signaling by the CCN family member Wisp3. J Clinical Investigation, 117, 3075-86.

  • Cristi L. Stoick-Cooper, Randall T. Moon, and Gilbert Weidinger (2007). Advances in signaling in vertebrate regeneration as a prelude to regenerative medicine. Genes Dev, 21, 1292-1315.

  • Shuichi Ueno*, Gilbert Weidinger*, Tomoaki Osugi*, Aimee D. Kohn, Jonathan L. Golob, Lil Pabon, Hans Reinecke, Randall T. Moon and Charles E. Murry (2007). Biphasic Role for Wnt/β-catenin signaling in cardiac specification in zebrafish and embryonic stem cells. PNAS,104, 9685-9690.
    * equal contribution

This paper was featured in a commentary by Kausalia Vijayaragavan, and Mickie Bhatia (2007): “Early cardiac development: A Wnt beat away”, PNAS 104, 9549-9550.
This paper was also featured in a preview by Tzahor E. (2007): “Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling and Cardiogenesis: Timing Does Matter.” Dev Cell 13, 10-13.
This paper was also one of the 20 most-read papers online at the PNAS website during June 2007

  • Cristi L. Stoick-Cooper*, Gilbert Weidinger*, Kim Riehle, Michael B. Major, Nelson Fausto, and Randall T. Moon (2007). Wnt signaling pathways have opposing roles in organ regeneration. Development, 134, 479-489.
    * equal contribution

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  • Gilbert Weidinger, Chris Thorpe, Katrin Wuennenberg-Stapleton, John Ngai, and Randall T. Moon (2005). The Sp1-related transcription factor sp5l acts downstream of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in mesoderm and neuroectoderm patterning. Current Biology 15, 489-500.
  • Chris Thorpe, Gilbert Weidinger, and Randall T. Moon (2005). Wnt/beta-catenin regulation of the Sp1-related transcription factor sp5l promotes tail development in zebrafish. Development 132, 1763-1772
  • Gilbert Weidinger, and Randall T. Moon (2003). When Wnts antagonize Wnts. Journal of Cell Biology 162, 753-5.
  • Gilbert Weidinger, Jürg Stebler, Krasimir Slanchev, Karin Dumstrei, Clare Wise, Robin Lovell-Badge, Christine Thisse, Bernard Thisse, and Erez Raz (2003): dead end, a novel vertebrate germ plasm component, is required for zebrafish primordial germ cell migration and survival. Current Biology 13, 1429-1434
  • Brian Ciruna, Gilbert Weidinger, Holger Knaut, Bernard Thisse, Christine Thisse, Erez Raz, and Alexander F. Schier (2002): Production of maternal-zygotic mutant zebrafish by germ-line replacement. PNAS 99, 14919-14924
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  • Uta Wolke, Gilbert Weidinger, Marion Köprunner & Eraz Raz (2002): Multiple levels of post-transcriptional control lead to germ line specific gene expression in the zebrafish. Current Biology 12, 289-294.
  • Gilbert Weidinger*, Uta Wolke*, Marion Köprunner, Michael Klinger & Erez Raz (1999): Identification of tissues and patterning events required for distinct steps in early migration of zebrafish primordial germ cells. Development 126, 5295-5307. * equal contribution
  • Fritz Aberger, Gilbert Weidinger, Horst Grunz & Klaus Richter (1998). Anterior specification of embryonic ectoderm: the role of the Xenopus cement gland-specific gene XAG-2. Mech. Dev. 72, 115-130.
  • Fritz Aberger, Gilbert Weidinger & Klaus Richter (1997): A member of the Met/HGF-receptor family is expressed in a BMP-4-like pattern in the ectoderm of Xenopus gastrulae. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 231, 191-195.