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A4: Von der neuralen Stammzelle zur Rückenmarkregeneration: Zellproliferation und –differenzierung von klonalen neuralen Stammzellen während der Rückenmarkregeneration bei Ambystoma mexicanum

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Projektleitung: Dr. E. M. Tanaka

Neural stem cell cultures are an important means to study and to expand neural progenitor cells from the adult central nervous system. Neural stem cells are often propogated in culture as aggregates of cells termed neurospheres. So far, in mammals, attempts to induce spinal cord repair by implantation of neurospheres into the injured spinal cord have met with limited success. An important issue facing neuroscience research is to assess whether such a strategy is feasible, and to identify means to promote the engraftment and regenerative capacity of the implanted neurospheres. The axolotl naturally undergoes complete spinal cord regeneration after tail amputation, and thus presents an opportunity to examine these questions. The aim of the current project is to use the axolotl spinal cord regeneration system to 1) determine if implantation of cultured axolotl neurospheres is capable of regenerating all spinal cord structures 2) define the environmental requirements for integration of the neurospheres and their subsequent regeneration of spinal cord structures.





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